Florina Popovski and Tali Eliashov stand at the helm of FT ARCHITECTURE&DESIGN STUDIO, a renowned architectural and interior design firm. Both distinguished alumni of 'HIT'-Holon Institute of Technology , they earned their Bachelor’s degrees  B.design  in Interior Design and Architectural Engineering.

For over a decade, FT Studio has carved a niche in the design world, specializing in the creation of luxury homes, elegant apartments, and upscale commercial spaces. The Studio’s hallmark lies in their unwavering commitment to delivering designs that encapsulate quality, comfort, and beauty—all tailored to the most exacting standards.

Florina brings to the table her expertise from the luxury kitchen planning sphere, coupled with an intricate knowledge of elite tailor made carpentry—from conceptualization to completion. On the other hand, Tali's strengths lie in her vast experience with contracting, tenant alterations, and managing intricate projects. She excels in streamlining planning, adhering to standards, overseeing building systems, and ensuring meticulous project management.

Their individual specializations might differ, but together, Florina and Tali form an unparalleled synergy. In their collaboration, the adage "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" comes to life, ensuring every client's vision is brought to fruition with unmatched precision and passion.

About FT Studio's Legacy

Beyond its founders, FT Studio is an ensemble of dynamic professionals who share a common goal: to craft spaces that speak volumes. Over the years, they've expanded their portfolio to include boutique projects, model apartments in commercial ventures, and more—each resonating with the studio's signature touch of luxury and refinement. Serving a discerning clientele, FT Studio has etched its name as a beacon of excellence in the design industry. Their projects don't just bear their signature; they tell stories, evoke emotions, and stand as testaments to the power of design.

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